SARUA’s Vision and Mission

The power of the network

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SARUA’s purpose

SARUA aims to be a regionally representative and dynamic membership organisation that reflects and serves the needs of all higher education institutions (public and private) in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Through our programmes and activities, SARUA enables its network members to enhance their innovative capacity and resilience, allowing them to develop the necessary skills and capabilities to contribute effectively to regional development and successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges of a changing higher education environment.

The power of the network

Towards a strong, responsive higher education system for innovation, resilience and sustainability in the SADC.

SARUA value proposition

  • Our commitment to participative knowledge production and engagement empowers SADC HEIs to make a positive impact on society.

  • Our aim is to encourage dialogue, empowering HEIs in the SADC region to cultivate a ‘global-local’ (‘glocal’) mindset. This mindset nurtures an awareness of global higher education trends, fosters intercultural diversity and understanding and facilitates open dialogue.

  • Through our initiatives in leadership and professional development, we contribute to the development of accountable leaders who embrace ethical decision-making, responsible leadership, and the integration of sustainability principles into institutional policies and practices, and educational programmes.

  • We provide an inclusive and collaborative space that drives innovation, capacity-building and the exchange of best practices, thus contributing to the resilience and responsiveness of the regional higher education sector.

  • As a trusted partner in regional projects, we conceptualise initiatives, secure grants and implement participative approaches to ensure optimal benefits for the regional higher education sector.

  • We promote economies of scale by offering third-party services that enhance efficiency and support the diverse needs of member institutions. This includes shared IT platforms, digital tools, information services and more.

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Become a member

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