Who is SARUA?
SARUA’s vision is to be a dynamic catalyst and responsive hub for higher education revitalisation and innovation in the SADC.

The Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA) is a membership-based association of public and private universities in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The Power of the Network: Facilitating higher education collaboration for innovation and resilience in the SADC.

What We Do

SARUA facilitates networking between member universities, as well as higher education universities and organisations from outside the SADC.

Regional Identity

Developing a regional identity for higher education that is representative of the diversity of the region.


Convening strategic fora to enhance collaboration, linkages and partnerships across the sector.


Identifying key areas for strategic research and analysis.


Acting as a respected voice (and advocate) to speak on behalf of the higher education sector in the region; thereby feeding (informing) a south-south higher education agenda and, in so doing, making a significant contribution to national and regional development. Thus enhancing the knowledge and capacity of higher education leadership.

of Practice

SARUA established and facilitates Communities of Practice through its projects and investment in lifelong learning and continuing professional development.

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