The SARUA Board

Quinton C Kanhukamwe (Chairman)

Quinton C Kanhukamwe has over 30 years of experience in higher education. He has progressed from lecturer to professor, serving as department chairman, faculty dean, director of Techno Park at the National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe, and vice chancellor at the Harare Institute of Technology. He is a member of AAU and where he has served as an alternate board member. For 15 years, he has been part of the Zimbabwe Universities Vice Chancellors Association and is currently its chairman. He has led numerous collaborative projects, including the Zimbabwe Research Network. Quinton is a two-time presidential CEO of the Year award recipient (2022 & 2023).

Christine Phiri Mushibwe

Christine Phiri Mushibwe is the vice chancellor at Unicaf University Zambia. She holds a PhD from the University of Huddersfield, UK, where she is also a visiting research fellow. Christine has taught in China and worked as an associate lecturer at Leeds Trinity University. She has held various academic and leadership roles in the UK and Zambia. Named ‘Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government’ by CEO Global in 2017 and 2018/19, Christine founded Training Teachers for Community Schools in Zambia and Lusaka Open Business College. She chairs the Advisory Body at Campaign for Female Education and is a board member of COLD and GARA. She authored several acclaimed books, is a corporate trainer, and a keynote speaker.

Bettencourt Capece

Bettencourt Capece was the scientific director of Eduardo Mondlane University from 2012 to 2017, managing the SIDA programme, which was funded by the Swedish government. He oversaw the university’s research, extension activities and staff capacity building. From 2002 to 2014, he served as the academic coordinator at the Higher Institute for Technology and Science of Mozambique. Since 2020, he has been the rector of Universidade Zambeze, and in 2021, he became president of the Mozambique Rectors Council. Additionally, he advises the government as a member of the National Council of Higher Education and is an associate professor of veterinary pharmacology.

Samson Sajidu

Samson Sajidu holds a PhD in Chemistry from UNIMA, completed through a sandwich programme with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He earned an MPhil in Material Chemistry from Cambridge University and a BSc with distinction from UNIMA. He has attended several significant courses, including the DAAD International Deans Course (IDC) Africa 2013/14 held in Germany, Kenya and Ethiopia, focusing on university governance, management and leadership. He also completed a fundraising course in higher education by USAID in 2013, in-house corporate governance training at the Malawi Institute of Management, and university leadership training in RSA, organised by DAAD and SARUA, in 2016.

Andreas Mwoombola

Andreas Mwoombola has over 24 years of experience in strategic business development and management. He holds a PhD in General Management, an MSc in Human Resources Management and an MBA. Dr Mwoombola has worked extensively in sectors such as health, airport operations, environment and tourism, banking, mining and education. His career includes significant roles at state-owned enterprises and private institutions, where his roles included executive in human resources management. He also has experience as a marketing, communication and transformation executive. Before entering the education sector, Dr Mwoombola spent four years at the SADC Secretariat in Gaborone, Botswana, in learning, development, organisational development and corporate affairs. His vision for SARUA is to be the centre of excellence in higher education that provides high-quality education to the communities within the SADC region.

The strength of our network lies in its diversity.

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