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SARUA’s new project in collaboration with the GIZ

The project for SADC Industrial Pharmacy Fellowship Programme is a component of the Joint Action “Support towards Industrialisation and the Productive Sectors (SIPS) in the SADC Region”.  The project supports the development of selected regional value chains linked to the SADC Industrialisation strategy to enhance effective industry-knowledge clusters involving the private sector and knowledge institutions to develop or improve academic programmes that address the existing skills gap in the regional antiretroviral value chain.

The SADC Industrial Pharmacy Fellowship Programme will be developed, providing specialised training at the master’s level for building training capacity for certain aspects of pharmaceutical production, The programme will be supported through a governance and management framework that promotes linkages between private-sector pharmaceutical manufacturers and academic institutions in programme design, delivery and monitoring and review.

SARUA will provide oversight and advisory services for the development of the SIPS Fellowship Programme with the overall aim:

To provide oversight, facilitatory and advisory services and support coordination activities during the development and implementation of the SADC Industrial Pharmacy Fellowship.

SARUA project deliverables

  • A report on the effectiveness of the current Fellowship Programme.
  • Three advisory notes relating to the strategic alignment of the Fellowship Programme.
  • A proposed qualification standard for a regional master’s degree in Industrial Pharmacy.
  • Governance and management structures for the Regional Fellowship Programme.
  • Materials (including visual aids) to support communication and liaison with key role players in the SADC.
  • A coordination strategy to support stakeholder engagement.
  • A learning and innovation strategy to support the up-scaling of the Programme.
  • Arrangement of meetings of the SIPS Advisory Committee and Technical Working Group and development of meeting agendas and minutes.

The Team

SARUA’s Fellowship team comprises of:

The GIZ Project Lead (Prof R Pellissier, SARUA affiliate), a key expert for programme design  (Dr M Bester, University of Stellenbosch), three Disciplinary Experts to develop the body of knowledge to inform the programme (Dr Christine Ledimo, Merck SA); Prof M Nyambe, Dean: Faculty of Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics.

Lusaka Apex Medical University (Zambia); Dr Sr J-M Vianney, School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences and Bio-Engineering Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (Tanzania)) and a key expert on SADC Policies and Plans, QA, SADC Policy Environment and Regulatory Systems, including the relationship of the Industrial Pharmacy Fellowship Programme to the SADC University of Transformation (Prof M Oosthuizen, SARUA ED).

The team will work in conjunction with the GIZ Technical Working Group consisting of members of academia and the private sector across South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania.

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