The Southern African Regional Universities Association(SARUA) is a membership-based association of Vice-Chancellors of public and private universities in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). SARUA enables collaborative partnerships that develop the institutional and human capacity of the region’s universities and contributes to regional collaboration for the public good within higher education. In 2017, the SARUA Executive Committee (Exco) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) continued with the implementation of a three-pronged strategy for 2017-2020,agreed to at the 2016 Triennial General Meeting, namely (1) to be a responsive, connecting hub, (2) to focus on leadership and quality capacity development, and (3) ensure operational sustainability. 

Included in the 2017 Annual Report:

  • Sustainability Starts with Teachers project
  • Overview of SARUA activities for 2017
  • SARUA Digital Universities Programme
  • HAQAA Initiative Consultative Workshop and Policy Advisory Board Meeting
  • QA Capacity development needs workshop
  • SARUA-SACD alignment
  • SARUA organisational change and new leadership
Published On: 16 March 2021Categories: Annual Reports, Archived Annual Reports