SARUA can be said to have come of age in 2007, in the sense of truly gaining its independence as a stand-alone organization with human, financial and physical resources that are now solely dedicated to the mission and objectives of its founding members.

2007 was a period of rapid growth in terms of the appointment of new staff , obtaining additional office space, buying equipment and setting up the foundations of the financial, IT, human resources and communications systems that will sustain the organization into the future. Whilst it was important to establish a solid organizational platform, it was equally important for the new organization to be visible in the region, establish good communications with its member organizations, and to begin a number of baseline research studies to enhance our understanding of the state of Higher Education across the region and the nature of the challenges it faces.

In this way SARUA hopes to be able to start delivering on its vision and mission of contributing to the revitalization of HE and the broader development agenda of the region as a whole.

Published On: 15 March 2021Categories: Archived Annual Reports