The UNESCO Digital Learning Week took place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 4-7 September. The Digital Learning Week will in future be an annual event, being the rebranding of the earlier UNESCO Mobile Learning Week. Whereas mobile learning was a new thrust in education when this initiative started, UNESCO has now expanded the scope of this activity to include all forms of digital learning and a wide range of stakeholders in digital learning. The event brought together representatives from the global community of policy-makers, educators, private sector partners, researchers and development agencies to engage on the new dynamic around digital learning.

Notable, was the presence of many senior government representatives from so many countries, as well as senior representatives from UNESCO and other development agencies from around the world.

New developments in the area of AI, amongst others, Generative AI (such as ChatGPT and related applications) figured prominently in the many presentations and breakout sessions.

This Digital Learning Week was probably the most representative event covering the widest range of EdTech ever. The coverage of AI in all its current and possible and future shapes in education, was certainly the widest of any event yet.

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In the coming weeks, SARUA will post more on this event and documents released during the event.

Published On: 17 September 2023Categories: Digital transformation, News